Hit Upon A Beach Taking Turks And Caicos Vacations

If you want to visit the ultimate tropical location than you should plan Turks and Caicos vacations. There are plenty of gorgeous beaches, snorkeling, water sports, history and much more. There is plenty of accommodation choices right on the beach and you can find something for everyone. Turks & Caicos is a chain of several islands in the Caribbean and it has one of the longest coral reefs in the world. This spectacular water feature makes it very popular for divers and those that snorkel.

This island has the Best beach in the world and it can easily be reached from anywhere on the east coast of the United States. The Turks Islands consists of Grand Turk Island and Salt Cay Island. Grand Turk is the capital. This is the first stop that Christopher Columbus made on his historic voyage. It you are looking for culture and history than Cockburn Town is not to be missed.

Salt Cay is one of the smallest islands and is perfect for those looking to get away. This island was important to the salt industry and you can view many Bermudian styled homes. Taylor’s Hill contains some spectacular ruins as well as some of the best views you can find. This is also perfect for whale watching from between January and April.

The Caicos consists of six islands which include West Caicos, Middle Caicos, Providencials, East Caicos, South Caicos and North Caicos. The main island is known as Provos and this has the most modern amenities of all the islands. There are plenty of stores, restaurants, shopping, villas, spas and hotels to explore and chose from. The island also has coral reefs and beautiful beaches to visit.

North Caicos gets the most rain so it is the most tropical and lush of all the islands. There is a lovely protected lagoon. There has not been an accommodation on the island in the past but new accommodation is being developed. You can enjoy bird watching, local crafts, see some of the largest flocks of pink flamingos in the world or visit a large Loyalist plantation.

The best island for scuba diving and snorkeling is West Caicos as a large section of the island has not been developed so much of the land and water is completely untouched. The water is crystal clear with beautiful sandy beaches to rest on. This island once cultivated sisal but since then the town, Yankee town, has fallen into ruin. You can access many of the coves and beaches by boat.

There are some spectacular attractions such as the Caicos conch farm which is one of a kind. You can try your first taste of conch, see the conch show, buy conch products and see how conch pearls are created. The Conch farm is the only one in the world and supplies much of the worlds Conch needs.

Another popular attraction includes Cheshire Hill which is an old cotton plantation that dates back 200 years.